Fence Repairs / Damaged Fence

Fence Repairs

Here we go…..

The start of a new fence season is upon us.  The snow is finally melting and our days are getting warmer.  Spring is in the air.

We are very excited about the start of the fence season and putting this record setting snow behind us.  Unfortunately with all the snow we had this winter there is usually a lot of damaged fence.  One of the services we offer is repairing vinyl fence, wood fence, chain link fence and Ornamental fence.

We will also take down and haul away old damage fence if you are interested in just cleaning up your property and no longer need or want a fence.

Please contact us for more information at paul@gearyfence.com or 774-364-2694 to set up an appointment, appraise the damage and discuss the best course of action for your fencing needs.