Our Process

At Geary Fence, you can expect professionalism, competence and quality every step of the way. We strive to make sure that you receive top value for all your fencing needs. Here’s how we do it.

Once you’ve contacted us and set up an appointment, Paul Geary will meet with you at your home or business to first discuss design options such as fence type, height and material based on your needs and budget. A fence is an important addition to your property, one that you will see and enjoy every day.

Paul will measure the area: review the land, including slopes, corners, outcroppings, trees or other interruptions in the fence, access for the installers and discuss all these details with you.

Once we’ve agreed on the terms of the installation, we take a down payment and signed contract and set an anticipated install date. Next we call Dig Safe, a free service that is required by law prior to digging. They flag and spray paint the location of the service lines on the property to help avoid cutting them while digging.

Then, we gather the material package and we’re ready to install. Depending on the size of the job, installation usually takes a day or two. When the job is finished we collect the balance.