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My name is Paul Geary and my company is Geary Fence & Installer Services located in Holden Massachusetts. We are a family owned and operated full service fence company specializing in residential and commercial fence of all styles and types. I founded Fence Installer Services back in 2011 with my son Brandon.
Being family owned and operated servicing Worcester County; I wanted to offer personalized service from our family to yours.  The name Fence Installer Services seemed to generic and impersonal so in January 2014 I changed our business name to Geary Fence & Installer Services.  Geary Fence is the parent company and our residential division, Installer Services our commercial division.
The purpose of this blog is to educate the reader about the fence industry, its products and services.  I hope that I can help you make a more educated and informed decision before investing in a new fence for your property.  I am going to write a series of blogs to help you choose what the right style of fence is for your needs.
For residential fence there are so many different categories (vinyl, wood, chain link and ornamental) to choose from.  Also in each of these categories there are many different styles.  To make informed decisions for your fencing needs you will have to ask yourself a series of questions to determine what the right fence is for your property.  I will try to help answer these questions in upcoming blogsā€¦